12 July, 2015

New Wands Woods!

I don't know if you're excited, but I know I am! I just procured some new wand woods, and most are kinds we've not had before! The new woods include hickory, mesquite, yew, and manzanita! I also picked up some more maple and mahogany also...

06 July, 2015

The new site is ready!

All thirty-two wands from the old website are now transferred over to the new site. I have more wands in the making, but they are not completed yet. When I get a chance to finish them, I'll add them to the store. In the mean time, all other wands are ready for sale.

I have one more page to create, and that is the one for customizing Pottermore wands. I feel like a few changes are in order, as carving and creating the twisted wand tips makes them very fragile and brittle. I may just stick to creating straight tips, but customizing the handles to look like the Pottermore style wands... We'll see!

02 July, 2015

More Wands in the Shop!

I've added another ten wands to the shop, bringing the total to fifteen. Please be patient while I add the wands a few at a time. Moving information over from the old site to the new one will take some time. I have a total of thirty-five wands that will eventually be in the shop, and with fifteen in there at the moment, I have about twenty more to add. Hopefully I'll get them in there by the end of the weekend!