Wonder how we treat our customers? Want to know if we're trustworthy and if you'll get what you pay for? Here is some customer feedback we've gotten over the years...

"I just received my wand, and it's a real beauty! I love the charming box it arrived in, with the one of a kind Certificate of Authenticity, and scroll of useful Spells & Incantations, as well. The wonderful care you put into your work is a true testimony to your title of Master Wand Maker!"
- M.E.

"I got the wands and they are perfect. You were great to work with. Keep up the good work!"
- J.B.

"Thank you so much for the lovely wand and for taking the time to choose one that is just right for me. It's absolutely beautiful!"
- B.L.K.

"I love my wand!!! It arrived on the morning of the twenty-fourth. I didn't actually see it until Christmas morning. I love it so much! It's perfect! The ebonized oak looks really good with the ebony! You did a fantastic job!"
- D.L.

"I got the wand! I almost had a heart attack when I was finally able to hold it (in a good way). Thank you so much for everything you've done..."
- A.R.

"My wand got here Saturday and it's the most beautiful piece of work I've ever seen! I can't even describe it in words! Thank you so much and I will always come back to you for my magical needs!"
- T.O.

"Hurray! My wand arrived today! It's beautiful, wonderfully packaged, and everything! It's really just perfect, even better than the photo portrays it."
- A.V.S.

"I love the fact your putting so much care into this project, I really appreciate it. You have been fabulous to work with... I opened it today and I must say you outdid yourself. Its absolutely stunning. I couldn't be happier. It truly is EPIC!"
- A.C.

"You did a fantastic job! Your creativity and skill at its finest! Thank you so much!"
- T.O.

"Thank you SOOO MUCH for your fabulous work on the wand. The craftsmanship and authenticity are amazing, and I truly feel like the wand chose me... You truly are a MASTER wandmaker!"
- A.G./F.D.

Thank you all for these wonderful complements and the many more we've gotten over the years! We're proud to offer you wands that you love and appreciate.