Wand Cores

Here at the Mills Family Wand Company, we use real magical cores in our wands that our wandmaker collects locally here in the Rocky Mountains. Other cores come from friends or relatives that live elsewhere in the world. Our wandmaker has experience working with these cores and understands each of their magical properties.

  • Unicorn Hair ~ From the tails of wild white horses. Best for the pure in heart, healing, protection, & transfiguring.
  • Winged Horse Hair ~ Abraxian, Aethonian, Granian, or Thestral hair from wild black or chestnut horses. Powerful yet unpredictable, this core is best for dueling.
  • Stag Velvet ~ Real velvet fibers collected from stag antlers and antler rubs. Excellent for power, defensive magic, & hexes.
  • Phoenix Feather ~ Feathers from wild pheasants that roam the grassy rivers. Very magical, & is best for healing or defensive & protective magic.
  • Ashwinder Ash ~ Ash born and collected from magical fires. These cast the best protective & defensive charms.
  • Basilisk Skin ~ Real snakeskin collected from a young Wizard who raises basilisks. Powerful as a wand core, & is best for dark magic.

These items find themselves at the cores of each of our wands. The cores from these creatures make the magic coming from within you more focused. Please be aware that the cores are collected in a manner that ensures that animals are not harmed in any way while collecting the cores.