Wand Woods

Here at the Mills Family Wand Company, we use genuine woods to make our wands that our wandmaker collects locally here in the Rocky Mountains or from friends or relatives that live elsewhere in the world. Our wandmaker enjoys working with these woods and understands each magical property.

There are some woods we use on occasion when it comes in, like cedar and applewood, but the wand maker's favourites are:
  • Aspen ~ Rigid, Intuition. Perfect for protective spells & spells to overcome obstacles & adversity.
  • Cherry ~ Unwavering, Amplifying. Useful for divination, charms, detection, & healing spells.
  • Mahogany ~ Pliable, Strengthening. Great for defensive magic & healing spells. Excellent for transfiguration!
  • Maple ~ Durable, Focusing. Useful for spells involving sending, communication, binding, or for healing.
  • Oak ~ Strong, Powerful. Excellent for defensive & protective spells, transfiguration, & nonverbal spells.
  • Pine ~ Pliable, Dependable. Exellent for warding off evil influences & for casting protective enchantments.
  • Redwood ~ Rigid, Disciplined. Great for defensive magic & for calling on power when most needed.
  • Walnut ~ Unyielding, Motivating. Useful for apparition and defensive spells, & working the weather.
  • Willow ~ Flexible, Emotional. Nice wand for charms work, & for protective, defensive, & healing spells.
The wand woods listed above are those to which the wandmaker has the greatest access. We still have access to several wand woods, such as ebony, rosewood, snakewood, purpleheart, etc... If a wand wood is not listed and you would like to know more information about it, and if we have access to it, please send us a message in the form to the left!