Below are a few frequently asked questions that might interest you. Perhaps your question will be answered here before you need to send us an owl!

1) How much do you charge for shipping?
As of the first of April of 2011, the cost to send a wand domestically (inside the United States) is now $8 USD.

2) Do your wands actually work? Are they magical?
If a witch or wizard who has magic inside them uses one of our handcrafted wands, then the wand will help to perform wonderful and powerful magic! A wand is, quite simply, a tool that a wizard uses to channel and focus his or her natural magical energy. However, if there is no magic in the individual who wields or uses a wand, whether it is one of ours or made by a different wand maker, then the wand will not do anything! A wand cannot perform any spells or magic on its own.

3) Are your wands made of real wood? Do they contain real cores?
Our wands are certified to be made of the actual wood that they say they are made of. If one of our wands says it is made of walnut, then it is made of walnut! Also, our wands contain real cores! Some may not consider the beasts to be magical, but our wand maker spends some time collecting real cores from magical beasts and creatures, and he also has some other witches and wizards who supply him with some of his magical cores.

4) Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes! I can ship to anywhere in the world, but I've noticed that in some cases the the shipping costs more than the wand does!