Welcome to the Mills Family Wand Shoppe! We're extremely grateful you came to our shoppe to find the magical wand that best suits you. We sell only the finest handcrafted and handcarved magical wands along the Rocky Mountains. Please feel free to browse the site using the menu found at left. We have several wands for sale, each crafted by hand out of excellent wand-quality wood, and each wand includes an authentic core contained inside.

There is a shop where you can browse wands we have for sale. You can also visit the gallery where there are images of other wands we've sold. There is also an owlery where messages can be sent to our shop! You can follow the shop's goings-on by reading our blog.

We used to offer custom-made wands with customer-selected woods, cores, and designs. However, there were several customers who were requesting wands be made, and were not purchasing these wands. It's unfortunate that there are some who ruin it for others. So, we decided to create a stock of wonderful hand-made wands and allow you to browse through them and find one that suits you. Send us an owl if you would like help or if you want us to make a recommendation. Otherwise, have fun with your visit!