26 July, 2017

Sincere Apology and an Update

First of all, I want to offer a sincere apology to all those who have been requesting wands throughout the last year or more. It has been very unprofessional of me to not respond to any of the messages, or to let anyone know how things have been going, or what has happened!

About two years ago, my main employment started getting extremely uncomfortable, and I found myself working in a hostile environment, going through some bullying and harassment. My family and I decided that it was time for a move and a change of employment. Work was found quickly and our move began, but the home we were in would not sell. With most of my wandmaking supplies placed into storage, it became near impossible for me to create wands or fill the orders I was receiving weekly.

My wandmaking supplies are still in storage and I still find it very difficult to do any wandmaking. I have a handful of wands that were created but never finished. Over the course of the next few weeks, I hope to be able to finish these wands and put them on the site. I will probably not be accepting any custom wand orders until I can pull my wandmaking supplies out of storage and find a place to use them regularly. I will, however, continue to keep the site open, and make available to sale of wands that are already made.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information, or you have questions you would like answered...

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